Midsona develops and sells products that help people to a healthier lifte. The group is a Nordic leader in organic foods, heathfoods and personal care, with a vision to become one of the European leaders within health and well-being.


Midsona operates in the Nordic market for self-care products and OTC-medicines. Self-care products referred to as supplements, healthy foods, skin care and natural remedies. Midsona has operations in all the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) and in all the channels such as health specialist stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, fitness stores, the Internet, mail order and export.


We work after the HACCP system, which is a method to systematically check the health hazards of the business is under control. The HACCP system consists of a product and handling description, flow chart and hazard analysis of raw materials and processing steps.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, is often translated in Swedish with Hazard analysis and critical control points. This is a working method that aims to identify and control hazards and risks in food handling.

The method is based on the following seven principles:
1. Identification of health hazards
2. Identification of critical processing steps
3. Determination of limits for each critical processing steps
4. Determination of the monitoring of the critical processing steps
5. Determination of measures for exceeding the limit
6. Verify that the system works and compliance
7. Setup of documentation